Point to Multi-Point Streaming - Bandwidth Options?

Hi Folks,

We are looking at implementing P2MP streaming in the near future at our campuses (six currently, one being the broadcast campus). I have 100 Mbps at the broadcast campus and most other campuses have a reasonable amount of bandwidth, but some are mobile and don’t have a great way for us to get significant bandwidth into them (right now we are using Verizon Mi-Fi’s). I’m wondering if others have run into similar problems and how you have handled it? May be that your location is mobile or for some other reason (e.g. rural) can’t get high speed internet.

I’ve been looking at Cradlepoint, which uses cellular data to transfer to campuses but would love to hear if you have other / better options! :slight_smile:

You need to look at https://livingasone.com We’ve been doing live simulcast to our other locations for about 8 years and this is our 3rd system. Quality and resiliency is amazing and the price is good to. Jason Lee at North Woods has a sweet mobile campus setup with Living as One so you might want to ping him.



Yup we’ve run Living as one on wifi from the rented facility, LTE and other crazy methods.


We don’t use livingasone every weekend but just having studied the tech details behind, seems like amazing software! Well worth giving it a try!


Thanks for the recommendation! We had a conference call today with Living As One to see a demo of their product and discuss what it would like if we implemented the solution…first impressions are positive.

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