Point of Sale Recommendations

We have a need to accept debit and credit card transactions for various events at the church. We do not need to capture payer information, simply need a easy way to accept payments. We currently use a paypal product but the fees are quite high. Looking for recommendations of products you use. A simple swipe and then payment is done, due to various age groups needing to use this.
Thank you

We just changed our credit/debit card processing from a ‘traditional’ machine to a square solution. The fees are 2.75% per transaction so you know exactly what the fees are each time used. Easy to use and fairly cheap (meaning you purchase rather than lease the equipment).

Square is the easiest and quickest to set up. There are still fees, but not like PayPal.

Square. It’s really easy to use so anybody can use it. You can also setup the app on someone’s device and they don’t have permissions other than taking payments.

We’ve just purchased some Square Stand’s for in-person CC transactions. I only wish I could REQUIRE a note on certain transactions, like in-person registrations or music lesson payments.

But the user interface is dead simple; the back-end looks pretty easy to get information out of as well.