Point-Of-Sale for Event Registrations

We are looking to replace our in-person credit card transaction terminals with something much more robust.

We use MinistryPlatform / OnlineGiving.org for online event ticketing and credit card giving/purchases.

There’s not a Kiosk system on OnlineGiving.org for Event Ticketing, at least not yet I think.
We have several other items we use credit card machines for:
Sports Camps/ Music Lessons/ Dinner meals/ Childcare/ etc…

I would like to have touchscreen terminals that volunteers can use to take purchases for these items and send emails to the appropriate dept as needed.

For example, if we set up an Item for our Music Lessons, the item would require the user to fill out a text line of who this is being applied to, and then send an email to the music dept, so they know that someone just paid for music lessons.

Or for a youth Event, we would require tshirt size, parent info, and other custom fields before being able to purchase it on the terminal. Once the customer has paid, the youth dept would get an email alert with the registration information.

Any ideas as to how your church does this? I cannot stand having paper receipt forms going everywhere.

I’ve used EventBrite for ticket sales, including credit card transactions at the door. It might take some playing around for POS type purchases. It’s free, but they take a cut so plan to markup appropriately.

We use www.brushfire.com

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