PC Software to Update MySQL Database

(Craig Mashburn) #1

I am setting up some PHP on our website to automate displaying upcoming events. I am needing an easy way to add data to the MySQL database.

I have found the MySQL Workbench, but was wondering if there was something else out there. Just need to quickly and easily add data to a table.

(Tyler Turner) #2

I use HeidiSQL to connect and edit tables. https://www.heidisql.com/

(Robert Larson) #3

Second HeidiSQL! I love the profile management. If you’re doing active PHP development as well, I recommend looking at a paid subscription to jet brains development suite that includes a dB management studio.

(Dave Mackey) #4

I also love HeidiSQL. :slight_smile:

(Craig Mashburn) #5

Here is my situation, I am using the MySQL database to house all of our online sermon data. In the past, I did this all with HTML and simply uploaded the HTML files when the MP3 was available.

Now, I simply need to add a record to my database, but I do not want to add it until the MP3 is uploaded. I also would like to have all the data in the record ready on Friday to upload so it can be done quickly Sunday morning.

Neither HeidiSQL or MySQL Workbench seem to allow me to input a record and then wait to upload it until a later time.

Any suggestions?

(Dave Mackey) #6

Hi Craig,

Is this a custom built CMS you are using or is it WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.?


(Craig Mashburn) #7

Custom. It is actually a site I built with HTML and am slowing adding new features with PHP/MySQL. So it is just updating a table.

(Dave Mackey) #8

You might be able to use cron to accomplish this. SitePoint has a series of articles on setting this up:

Maybe this would be someplace to start?

It also looks like HeidiSQL does support scheduled events: