Password Management / IAM / Security Awareness

Continuing the discussion from Password management for teams, what are you using?:

We (probably) all know users are the weak link when it comes to information security. What tools are you giving your users to be able to help protect your organization’s information?

  1. Are you conducting Security Awareness training?
  2. Are you using Single Sign-On with your primary applications?
  3. Are you using some sort of centralized password management tool so users can securely save & share passwords for tools that don’t support SSO?
  4. What sorts of account self-service tools do you offer? (Self service password reset, privileged request / escalation workflows?)
  5. Any other ideas I haven’t thought to list?
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I’ve got a few very small church offices on Jumpcloud using the free tier. I don’t think the pricing makes any sense at scale though… they barely even budge for partners. Onelogin isn’t bad, they also have a free tier for up to 3 apps so churches.