Password Manage

I’m not happy with our Password Manager.

What Password Managers do you recommend?

I need to keep a personal list of passwords and share a list of passwords with the rest of our IT team. If someone leaves our team, we need to be able to deny them access to the passwords immediately(or within reason).

Also, we need to share MFA text messages across our team. Have you run across any solutions for that issue?

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1password is excellent, and can sync and share TOTP 2fa codes.

Do not use SMS for 2fa, it’s both inconvenient and insecure.


I prefer eWallet from Encrypted, runs on any device and syncs, but not on a highly-targeted host.

We currently use LastPass as a team and are very happy with it. The Shared folder feature is helpful for sharing everything from website logins to switch logins etc. It is pricey though.

Lastpass Enterprise. Several depts use it including IT. Super helpful for teams!


We’ve used RoboForm for Business, Password Manager for Business for 10+ years. Love it.

Keeper, Bitwarden, and LastPass are all pretty solid.

We have recommend OneSafe for many years. It is cross platform sync able (IOS& Android). It also has software that can be loaded on a Mac that will sync with your devices.

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We use Thycotic Secret Server. The current free version supports 10 users and 250 passwords.