Parents Morning Out Management Software

We’re in the process of switching from CCB to Planning Center for our ChMS. CCB has worked ok for our preschool education program that we run during the week, however, Planning Center’s registration module is really setup for individual events instead of ongoing events. Is anyone using any sort of daycare/education management software? I want our parents to be able to register for the program and to be able to pay online. It should be fairly straight forward.

Any suggestions?

We’re using brightwheel ( for our preschool. Parents can be billed and pay online and can set up auto pay.

Thanks Phil. How are you handling initial registration? Billing seems like it would be pretty straight forward once registered.

Not sure it was easier for us since our preschool was still on paper registration at that time but, the preschool staff had all the parent’s email address on MailChimp so we grabbed that as a csv double checked it with their paper roster and imported to Brightwheel. If I remember correctly, I think we also sent out something on MailChimp about the move to an app.