Over the web campus streaming solutions

(Hezekiah Barnes) #1

We’re looking into over the web streaming solutions. I’ve seen a little bit of what solutions like Telestream and Zixi can do. I know some churches use YouTube. What are some recommendations that fit well with the campus in a box scenario down to streaming events into home groups?

(Kenny Snow) #2

We use YourStreamLive.com along with the Church Online Platform, and have been very pleased with the solution with around 200 viewers per week. We’re using their encoder box. My only complaint is that the audio bitrate is not very high so the quality suffers during the music portion, but we’re trying to see if there is an option to increase it.

(Stephen Simpson) #3

For campus to campus live streaming we have a livingasone box that we pull out for special weekends (We normally are a week out church). Being kind of a streaming nerd, I find living as one to be just pure genius! For web streaming to attenders, youtube is ok but I believe you have to create a new event for each service so there is a lot of overhead. I know churchstreaming.tv is really popular around these parts and wowza is pretty good too.

(Jason Lee) #4

We use a couple different tools for your examples @hezetation.

Campus to Campus large screen high bitrate Side and Center style “Broadcast” we use http://livingasone.com

Campus to many (web, mobile, Roku, appleTV etc) we encode with wirecast (in 3 bitrates) to http://ChurchStreaming.TV and embed the video in http://churchonlineplatform.com/

For archive all the data starts in CSTV and pushes automagically to http://northwoods.media for archives (Message and group studies).