Online and interactive

In lieu of on-site services, we are currently leaning toward doing pre-recorded Sunday services and a live stream(s) during the week that would be more informal and hopefully a little more interactive. This is all very new to us.

I am on the lookout for a good way to manage incoming texted questions during a live stream. Where someone would see everything coming in and be able to select which ones they want to have appear for a presenter to see while they are doing an informal online teaching. Does this kind of thing exist in an easy-to-setup way?

And, could we take this to the next level, or am I dreaming - an easy way for someone to join in with a video call, where a screener could decide if and when to share that call for others on the live stream?

Most webinar software is designed to handle this sort of workflow… Not sure about video offhand though.

Many moons ago we did this very manually with our student ministry.

We had 5 to 10 canned questions to allow people to text in then manually added theme questions or specific questions depending on topic to ProPresenter (3, that’s how long ago).

We just used a free Google Voice number for texting. Multiple people would be logged in staring questions to present. Then a-control would archive the question when added.

ProPresenter once had a built in method for Twitter. Might be worth exploring a social ingress point.

Hey Erik, a free option is a teams live event which can have a presenter and chat roll.
All you’d need is a webcam and mic on the presenters computer. E1 is free for Charity & Nonprofit (and for everyone for 6 months because of the virus).
Ping @benfifield or me if you want to chat locally.

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