OneDrive Syncing on going Issues

I have three devices that I use OneDrive. On two of my computers i continue to get “You already have a folder or file with this name in the same location.”

I keep deleting the offending folders/files on the computer but then a couple of days later i get the same sync errors. I don’t want to rename them on the portal because this will affect the sync on the the computer that is working correctly

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Making the changes through the web portal should resolve the issue since that’s considered the master copy. You may want to make a safety copy of the file/folder on the computer that you say is working correctly.

My point is that I don’t feel i should have to change it on the website because that’s a global change. In order to fix this on the site i would have to rename the Videos and/or Music folders which would affect my office computer. Hope this makes sense

Hello Ron, a safety copy isn’t a bad idea as Adam mentioned.
I have had success fixing many sync issues, including OneDrive being stuck on “Processing Changes” forever, even on small files, by going into OD preferences>Stop syncing.
Unlink the computer, sign out of OD, then start the sync and re-link the account.
You will be prompted for the save location, be sure and choose the previous OD save location.

okay, I’ll give that a try

Hi Ron. It’s been a while since your last reply, so I don’t know if you’ve gotten this all worked out. I’m using a product called Easier365 to handle sync duties for O365 SharePoint and OneDrive sites. It’s not perfect, but I personally like it a lot better than the native client. I talked to the folks behind the product, and if you believe their story, their product was what Microsoft originally based their sync software on before they made the (apparently egregious) mistake of purchasing Groove and using that as the foundation for their later sync software.

It’s not too expensive. You may want to check it out.

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Okay thanks. I’ll look into it. I’m still experiencing the issue regardless of the solution i use.

Just to add here, a lot of Onedrive issues, particularly those relating to SharePoint are resolved in Windows 10 1709. If you use Onedrive, especially SharePoint shares, and are in a position to use Windows 10 and/or apply the feature update then running 1709 will help.