OneDrive Quick Access Links

I have noticed some weird behavior form the quick access links, for example, on Excel. I have all my files synced locally using Office 365 OneDrive for Business.

If I browse through Excel and open a local file on the C: in my OneDrive folder, the Quick Access link shows as a WEB address pointing to Sharepoint.

If I browse for a file through Windows Explorer and open it, the Quick Access link shows the file extension and that the link is in the C: drive. However, these links often disappear.

Can anyone explain what is going on? I never want to open the web version. Why is it doing this?

Which Windows version are you using? Include the build # as Onedrive operates differently on builds after Fall 2017.

Windows 10 Enterprise and am on 1709.

I tried unchecking the OneDrive setting that says “Use Office 2016 to sync Office files that I open” and it seems to have solved the problem of quick links showing Sharepoint.

Is there any downside to not having that checked?

To my knowledge, that setting only affects letting people work on the same file at the same time via collaboration (not sure if that goes through Sharepoint or not). Another reason you might have been seeing this is because of “files on demand” which became a default for Onedrive in 1709:

Double check and see if files are marked as clouds or as checks and if that correlates with what you saw.

We do not use files on demand. Everything is synced locally. As far as I can tell, that setting has fixed it from linking to share point.