On Stage Monitor

So I am currently looking for a touchscreen monitor or computer we can use on stage during service and other events. Was wondering what other people are using and if anyone has recommendations?

I haven’t used this, but saw it as an option that would turn any TV of same size into a touchscreen.
If it works it would be a much cheaper option than buying one with it built in.

If you are using it for presentations, the Surface Hub is an option.

We have a Sharp Aquos Board. We weren’t involved with the purchase. The older models seem to have issue with stage lighting. But that could have been user error. Like I said… not involved with purchase or continued support.

The boards are basically large touch screens with an overpriced, underpowered mini whitebox PC attached to the back.

Sharp AQUOS-BOARD Models

If you’re a GSuite customer, a Jamboard could be an interesting option.

We ended up going with a SMART board. We also looked at Sharp AQUOS and I think a Panasonic one.

Cleverouch is a great alternative to SmartBoards and have a lot more functionality.

We have, in some venues, setup an iPad to AirPlay to a Mac Mini in the booth, then displayed the image on the main screens. This allows the pastor to draw/doodle/etc. locally, without worrying about blocking the image, etc., while still allowing it to be shown on the “big screen(s)”.

I think most of us are assuming you want crowd interactivity, but you never really specified your end goal. Is this just a computer that band, etc. members will be using for sheet music or something and needs to be unobtrusive?