On hold Phone system music

(Mark Rock) #1

Pastor requests that we add KLove Radio as our On Hold music instead of our General Skype for Business Hold music. I know the license limits and public performance issues, but as I start researching our options, I just wanted to ask what other services and solutions churches are using for Phone and public music?

Mark Rock
IT Director
Lincoln Berean Church

(K Papalia) #2

A local guitarist let me have 8 songs for our on hold music. 8 songs was overkill. I thought I’d change in up but I have better things to do.

During special events we use audio from commercials we are running.

(Bob Bauman) #3

A year or two ago I was also looking for music-on-hold. I purchased this to use on our phone system:

10 hymns, instrumental, various styles.


(Jesse McColm) #4

We use a worship set from one of the weekends. We change it every now and then.