On hold Phone system music

Pastor requests that we add KLove Radio as our On Hold music instead of our General Skype for Business Hold music. I know the license limits and public performance issues, but as I start researching our options, I just wanted to ask what other services and solutions churches are using for Phone and public music?

Mark Rock
IT Director
Lincoln Berean Church

A local guitarist let me have 8 songs for our on hold music. 8 songs was overkill. I thought I’d change in up but I have better things to do.

During special events we use audio from commercials we are running.

A year or two ago I was also looking for music-on-hold. I purchased this to use on our phone system:

10 hymns, instrumental, various styles.


We use a worship set from one of the weekends. We change it every now and then.

Update to On Hold Phone Music and using Music from Spotify in public areas. We found a license from Christian Copyright Solutions (CCS), that allows:
CCS covers us for playing any music, anywhere in the facility or on our property at any time with no reporting necessary. That’s Christian music or secular and covers coffee shops, bookstores, conferences, classes, carnivals, dance classes, exercise classes, phone line music and literally any other activity you could think of on our property. The list is 25 million songs deep so we don’t even have to research which songs are available because anything we would play on purpose will be covered.
They told me with this license, we can use a personal Spotify license login to play music at events in the church.

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