Official Discourse Apps

iOS and Android official apps are now available.

Try 'em out and let us know what you think.


Very cool. Much easier to read or engage on the go.

At least on iOS, I can’t tell a diff between the app and the web GUI :slight_smile:

There isn’t one. Other than it can wake up and pull notifications from
time to time.

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Opens Android App
It opens in a Chrome Webview

But really, push notifications are always nice.

Not seeing a way to get the iOS app to do any notifications.

Yeah; iOS may not do notifications at all since Apple’s pretty
restrictive about background usage and the app isn’t published by us so
we don’t have Push access.

Unless I’m doing something stupid, which is possible, the discourse app says I don’t have permission to access the api . This is before I get the chance to log in. Any ideas? started working this morning on its own.

You have to be at Trust Level 1, so it’s mostly just a matter of getting enough time in on the site.