Official Discourse Apps

(Alex Conner) #1

iOS and Android official apps are now available.

Try 'em out and let us know what you think.

(Trace Pupke) #2

Very cool. Much easier to read or engage on the go.

(Jason Powell) #3

At least on iOS, I can’t tell a diff between the app and the web GUI :slight_smile:

(Alex Conner) #4

There isn’t one. Other than it can wake up and pull notifications from
time to time.

(Ben Fifield) #5

Opens Android App
It opens in a Chrome Webview

But really, push notifications are always nice.

(Craig Mashburn) #6

Not seeing a way to get the iOS app to do any notifications.

(Alex Conner) #7

Yeah; iOS may not do notifications at all since Apple’s pretty
restrictive about background usage and the app isn’t published by us so
we don’t have Push access.

(Matt Rider) #8

Unless I’m doing something stupid, which is possible, the discourse app says I don’t have permission to access the api . This is before I get the chance to log in. Any ideas? started working this morning on its own.

(Alex Conner) #9

You have to be at Trust Level 1, so it’s mostly just a matter of getting enough time in on the site.

(Alex Conner) #10