Office 365's version of a Public Network Drive

We are in the process of moving our on premise network drives to Office 365 SharePoint. We have one network drive called “Public” that has files accessed by all staff teams/groups. What’s the best way to handle this in SharePoint?

If you have alot of files, you might want to create a new Office365 account just for this as you will get 1TB for that OneDrive folder. Use that OneDrive to share with all the staff.

Then add the shared folders using these instructions:

We also have a local Network Share mapped drive where each user has a folder that they have full rights to, and all other users can read as a way for users to share files instead of emailing them.

I have struggled getting my mind around a OneDrive or SharePoint solution for this Certainly do not want everyone to have to sync everyone’s shared files to their local drive. But also worry about the slowness of accessing files on the internet.

I think for working files that doesn’t require much collaboration and speed of access is a factor then a local NAS would be better. Same for large video files.

Sharepoint and OneDrive works better when the staff needs to collaborate (work off one file) and/or when versioning adds value. Also when the users want a more secure and reliable place to store their files.

Can also consider syncing your local Active Directory to Office365 to make it seamless for users.

We use and recommend the Enterprise version of Owncloud for this functionality. Licenses, if purchased through MBS, are $2/month/user. It fully honors AD creds, and works as simple as Dropbox.

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Thank you for your input. Here’s the direction i’m taking. I’ve created a classic Sharepoint Document library and linked to a team in the Teams App based on this link:

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