Office 365 Word/Excel Safe Mode problem

Hi. I’m getting the Error “Excel couldn’t start last time. Safe mode could help…” “Do you want to start in safe mode?”

I click Yes and nothing happens. I’ve tried everything with this problem, Repair, Uninstall/Reinstall O365, Reboots, etc. Has anyone had this nasty problem? I have the same problems with Word

My Systems Administrator encountered a similar issue yesterday. He was able to resolve it today with an update. He’s in the “fast” update channel. We are running O365, and the update he ran was an O365 update.

I had a similar problem with Word, but it was solved by opening a document directly instead of launching Word from the shortcut.

I would probably try an uninstall using revo uninstaller in advanced mode & clear out all the leftover files / registry entries then try a reinstall

My issue is fixed by changing in the Registry.