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Is anyone using all the features/apps included with O365? I am migrating email now and looking to turn on all the other features in the near future (Teams, Sharepoint document sharing, PowerApps, Forms, etc).

We just turned on teams. Also working on setting up a powerapp or two for replacing on excel spreadsheets that get shared around for information lists.

Before I go any further, make sure you download the Office 365 Admin app for your phone. It will give you immediate access to messages about changes and enhancements AND o365 health alerts. I have a serious crush on the app.

Now to answer you question:

We have a SharePoint Team site for a office that consists of employees scattered all over the state. They use it for storage.

People love the collaboration tools built into OneDrive that lets them edit a document together…even seeing their team members edits LIVE.

We have another SharePoint Team for a group who wanted a shared calendar, blog, shared documents and a discussion group. The ability to follow a topic is very exciting. Most of the group do not have domain accounts with us. They simply get a free Microsoft Account and they are off and running. We’ve created a handout that helps them set up their account AND it walks them through all of the resources in the team site. We ask them to post a reply to a topic and add an event to the calendar. The goal is to make them do everything so they are familiar with how things work. It is also helping to make the site actually lively.

I need to find the time to research Teams. Or, I need someone to explain it to me like a monkey because I’m so overwhelmed with work I’m not sure I’ll ever find the time to do my own research.

I also need to learn about which email groups are the best: Distribution groups, Groups or Outlook groups. But, again, I need someone to hand feed me the information.

We are trying to use Skype For Business for video meetings but sometimes it’s tough. The software is OK. The biggest problem is the skill level of the remote person. Sometimes they don’t even know their webcam or sound card is broken.

People who work from home are using OneDrive a lot. They upload a file and grab it from home. They like it better than using the VPN.

I’ve got the OneDrive app on my phone. It’s nice when I need to access a resource but not really interact with it.

I have a telecommuter who uses OneDrive for all of her storage.

I’d like to start creating video training and house it in Sharepoint.

I’d love our remote offices to use OneDrive instead of their hard drives for storage because I know they aren’t doing proper backups.

We use O365 with licenses for some users using the online apps only (E2 license) and most using the full office suite (E3 license). As an aside, we use predominately Apple Macs (40+ devices) with a Windows Active Directory domain. if that matters to you. We have a growing number of SharePoint sites, all staff use OneDrive, we just started using Teams with a small pilot group. I just started using Planner for keeping track of projects and tasks. I’m more familiar with Trello, but figured I should become familiar with as many Office apps as possible. We haven’t used Flow, Sway, or Yammer yet. I anticipate the demand for SharePoint, Teams and Planner will grow once the features and benefits are spread around the staff.

We are an Office 365 (E3) tenant and the school uses the education version. Teams bring together several communication features and can be very helpful for quicker, less formal interactions. Teams have also become the central hub for classroom interactions with quick access to all the essential tools students need.

Be sure to subscribe to the Office 365 YouTube channel as they have some good explanations of updates and changes. As with any adoption, it takes a while to get everyone on-board with all the great features.

I’ve also enjoyed the Flow and Stream Apps. Flow is a lot like IFTTT and Stream allows us to curate onsite video content and not worry about public access. Have fun playing with all the neat features Office 365 provides!

Office 365 is great! We use all the standards, but also get a lot of mileage out of planner, sharepoint, teams, and onedrive! Some of it is a bit odd, since the windows outlook client has slightly different functionality than the Mac outlook client and the actual cloud based client. That said it has been pretty awesome being able to point both Mac and Windows users to whenever they have an issue with their local client.

We don’t really take advantage of flow, delve, or stream, but overall its been great!

I am a bit of a Teams fanboy, we are actually a Teams-first organization with more staff on Teams than on anything else (including OneDrive).

After the conference last week, I’ve already created a Group Policy for our Windows users to redirect Desktop & Documents to their OneDrive folder (I’ve only put 2 users in the group of the security filter though since I’d like to test before training the rest of the staff).

I’ve redirected my mac’s Desktop & Documents to my OneDrive and it is working really well.

I think Teams + OneNote is my favorite thing right now… every meeting I go to I’ve converted to teams so we can take notes and share files, etc. Although, the meetings I’m not a part of still have someone taking minutes with a livescribe pen and pad, which is later converted into a word document that is emailed out to everyone that was in the meeting, then the original is deleted? or on the creator’s desktop? I’m not sure… but it is SUPER inefficient and hard for me to search.

I would say that the more O365 products I use, the more I love Microsoft. I feel that Jamf managed macOS + NoMAD + O365 is the sysadmin’s dream.

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