o365/Sharepoint.com Contract Work

We are looking for some contracted help to migrate an existing sharepoint (on prem) implementation to O365/sharepoint.com.

We anticipate the project to be a 20-30 hr project over the next 2 months.

Scope of work is implementing custom design / skin in sharepoint.com, and implementing calendar sync from 3rd party calendar tool (via api).

Interested, contact @Jason.Lee

If you are looking for a reference, we work with Networking Technologies 814-836-0000. They have never let me down. The have 1000’s of o365 licenses under their belt.

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Hi Jason. I work for a SharePoint consulting company that can handle all of that. You may remember me as I was involved in the CITRT when I was at Brook Hills and while working at Fellowship Technologies. If interested, just send me an email at john.ventry@gmail.com.