New WordPress Sermon Management Plugin

Hi All,

We moved from a proprietary CMS to WordPress in Q2 2016. At the time none of the existing sermon management plugins seemed to fit our needs, so we contracted Justin Sternberg, a very able WP developer, to expand his GC-Sermons plugin to meet our needs.

Since then we have had additional developers working on the plugin and it has diverged enough from GC-Sermons that we have launched our own GitHub repositories:

You can see the plugin in operation on our site at

There is still a lot I’d like to do, but I figured I’d put it out there…would love any feedback/ideas. The next big priorities for me are:

  1. Combining the two plugins into a single plugin.
  2. Adding our custom templates (at least the core code) into the plugin (this is the “views” of the content one sees).
  3. Creating and expanding upon the documentation.