New/unread indicator

Once upon a time, when there was a new item on the forum, or when a thread I was tracking had a new post, the icon on my chrome tab had an indicator. That doesn’t seem to be happening any more. It is just me?


This was (apparently) moved from a side-wide setting to a user preference.

Hmmm. That checkbox is set, so maybe I have to tinker in Chrome somewhere. Thanks for the quick response!

Does it work if I mention @TonyDye?

Apparently not :frowning: Don’t spend time on this … it was more curiosity than a real problem!

It just started working for me, so maybe it’s just a cache issue?

I have had differing behavior based on how wide the tab is. Narrow tab = no notification maybe?

I’m almost sure I used to get the notification even on a pinned tab, but that’s worth playing with. I’ve just unpinned that tab to see what happens.

Replying so you can get an unread.

Nope. Darn. I’m guessing I’ve set something in Chrome. I’ll tinker some more.