New to ProPresenter - any tips?

Hey guys.

We are just getting started with ProPresenter 7. Curious if anyone has any tips, especially from an IT perspective, before we jump in and start installing it on everything? / Would you do anything differently if starting over with a clean slate?

I’m particularly curious if we should set things up so they share the certain files on the LAN? We are a one campus church but plan to use this in 2 to 3 rooms (sanctuary, youth room, etc.). We are already using Planning Center.

Also, I tried installing it on my own Windows 10 machine and was asked about creating a firewall exception. I see very little in the documentation about what that means.

It seems there’s a lot of knowledge base content out there for older versions and for people upgrading and not much for those starting fresh with version 7. Thanks!

Be aware there are a couple of glitches in the Propresenter 7. They just released an update yesterday which I have not installed hopefully it fixes the glitches. I have been Propresenter since version 4, I really like Propresenter 7. It saves me time in formatting slides because I create a theme for my various formats I use. We use it in three locations besides on a laptop. If I need something from one setup I just copy the file and upload it to the location I need it at. Be aware all files are only for the user it is under, you will not see file that are created by another user on the same computer. There are a lot of features and you are correct in that there does not seem to be much documentation for Propresenter 7. I will be happy to help you on any specific questions, but be aware you will have a learning curve, but it is well worth the time and effort.

We haven’t taken the plunge to ProPresenter 7 yet, but from an IT perspective, plan out how you’re going to organize your Library. Service media, graphics, sermon series graphics, bumper videos, motion backgrounds, etc. We use Macs, and our current process is using OneDrive with shared folders syncing this data locally on the machine (make sure files on demand is turned OFF, the last thing you want is for ProPresenter to try and play a video that hasn’t synced yet) and we use Hot Folders pointing to those synced folders so the data just “shows up” for the folks who are putting the ProPresenter playlists together. Also be sure to delete things out of the folders when you’re done with them (old sermon graphics, event graphics, etc) to keep things neat and tidy.