Network Switch Recommendations

I need recommendations for a network switch for our church. I’ve always had HP Procurves which have served me well. i need a Managed 24 port Gigabit PoE+ with SFP ports. this will network together Ruckus WAPs

We’re using Procurves too, I like them well enough although I don’t really care for the firmware/UI updates since 3COM stuff started getting integrated in. Any reason you’re looking to change?

I’m using the Aruba 2530 series switches on my network. Several models have 4 sfp ports.

If you are happy with the ProCurve products, I think the current offerings from Aruba/ProCurve family will suit you well. The 2530 24G PoE+ (J9773A) is great if you want 1Gb SFP uplink ports. Otherwise, jump to the new 2540 PoE+ 24G SFP+ (JL356A) which has the 10Gb capable SFP+ ports.

I love the HP switch selector tool for this sort of thing. Just make sure you filter down to only the Aruba products if you want to stick with the switch series that you’re familiar with.

At least for access level switches we have switched over to cisco small business. We’ve been pretty happy with them so far.

We have all procurves switches over our 3 campuses and have Ruckus as well. Most of our 30 Ap’s(510s and 710’s) are connected to (J8693A 48 port 1Gbps with 4 uplink ports that are 10G capable). We purchased all used J8693A that still have lifetime warranties on ebay for ~$500 or less each switch

Thank you all. I’ve selected an Aruba 2540.


I currently have Procurve 2910al switches. The main reason i want newer technology is because over the past 10 years or so i’ve had 4 times when a data storm occurred taking down the entire network. Most of those have been an authorized device. I was sure that my Procurve 2910al had the functionality to automatically shut down the port that had the “rogue” device attached to it. I have no idea how to prevent it from happening. Although 4 times in 10 years is a pretty high percentage of up-time it’s devastating to the staff when it happens

For a good scaling switch Ruckus has stackable switches that can do “virtual stacking” so each individual switch can sit where you need it and they can stack over the LAN. Also they have the ability to over power a port for some of those APs that take a but more juice to boot up, that way you don’t have to disable one of the radios on boot to give you a lower powered boot. If I was not already a fully deployed Cisco shop I would look at the Ruckus stuff.

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