Network monitor tools

(Rush Callahan) #1

What tools do you use to monitor your networks health? Pinelake has Orion.

We need to update our infrastructure switches and core network. Wondering if you have software that provides port health, uplink health, or insights into what might be a “top talker” (by bandwidth).

(Joel Charters) #2

You could check out Auvik. It’s pretty great software, but not super cheap, depending on your environment. They have an interesting billing model:

Routers Switches Firewalls Wi-Fi Controllers

Wi-Fi access points Servers Workstations Phones Hubs and much more

Joel Charters
Munimentum Inc.

(Isaac Johnson) #3

I’ve standardized most clients on Unifi and the controller fires off PSA tickets when conditions are met, it also keeps pretty good total usage history of devices. Beyond that, most anything that can monitor netflow is able to collect and alert on switches and whatnot so the Auvik’s, PRTG’s, etc. If you know what you’re doing you can roll out the FOSS stuff like Zabbix, ZenOSS, Nagios, etc. I think it usually makes far more sense to just do it all in an RMM though since you can monitor, automate, and perform remote remediation for pretty much everything in one system.

(Robert Gutierrez) #4

PRTG by paessler. Simple, yet very powerful. You can get resource monitoring, web page monitoring, packet sniffing etc…!

(Andy Baker) #5

Plus 1 for PRTG. We use it and love it.

(Nick Miller) #6

PRTG is an excellent (and free) solution as long as you use less than 100 sensors. If you go above 100 sensors the price jumps quickly.
An alernative FREE solution is called Zabbix. Will do considerably more, takes a little time to set up exactly how you want it, but is amazing in what it can do. It can also monitor desktop computer health, server health, and Virtual Host health.