Need help with streaming live services

The senior pastor wants to start streaming over the internet and our AV guy left a few weeks ago. I don’t know anything about live streaming or A/V. The senior pastor really wants this but I have zero experience with this and I have no idea when the A/V guy will be replaced. Where do I begin? Thank you for any help you can give.

1 Like is where I’d go. Just get their appliance/device, plug in an hdmi feed from your camera system and go.

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Thanks Travis. I signed up for the trial. Somebody mentioned to me church online platform. They said it was free. What do you know about that option? Thx

Church online platform is great, HOWEVER, it’s really just a web frontend for your streaming with included chat and other services. But it doesn’t help you get the video captured to a camera and sent online. That’s where the service comes in. So those two solutions can work together to provide a complete online streaming presence.

We ended up going with Boxcast and have been very pleased with their service, support and cost. Nothing negative to say about ChurchStreamingTV though. From what I know they are also very good.

Thanks guys!! Good stuff.

Just a note, dont count out facebook live. We’ve been streaming at for a few years now but we’ve started streaming on facebook as well (only the sermon as facebook is real funny when it comes to copyright and music). The engagement has been insane and we’ve seen so many new viewers that would have never found

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Well…I tried churchstreamer and I’m kinda disappointed because I’ve had nothing but problems during a trial period and I can’t anyone to help us. What other alternatives do you all like?

If you have a spare pc or Mac you could install wirecast encoding software and use
We also had issues with their webstreamer box.

Thanks Jason. I just might look into that. Actually, I think the problem is my ISP (Spectrum). After running several tests, we have a lot of packet loss…sigh.

We started our livestream using Comcast (coax cable asynchronous) and had Sundays with terrible packet loss and useless video and other Sundays that were just fine. We finally broke down and installed a dedicated 20mb copper circuit and have had no transmission issues since. But that dedicated circuit costs over times per month what our 100mb Comcast service costs.

Yeah Tim…I think we will probably have to go the same route too.