NASPO Cell Phone Contracts

I met with our regional Verizon rep per the NASPO governmental contracts that non-profits including churches qualify which can greatly reduce cell phone costs for the church and provide features like unlimited data and annual device upgrades along with no termination or activation fees. I am personally on Verizon now, but we have many staff that are with AT&T. My question is this…is anyone out there already setup on this plan with AT&T? If so, can you send me the email address of your AT&T rep so I can find out who our regional rep is that handles this? I emailed Jonathan Evans at NewSpring and he said they attempted to set something up with AT&T but gave up after not being able to find the right person and are exclusively using Verizon for their church issued devices. I’m not against exclusively using Verizon, but it’d be nice to be able to offer both if the church can save money as opposed to what we do now which is a monthly reimbursement. Thanks!

We did an eval on AT&T and Verizon when we were looking at consolidating contracts. We knew the local verizon rep from our church body and he got us set up on the governmental plan on Verizon- we never looked back because it’s been a great experience and cost savings. If I ever have a plan change or need to order, I simply send an email to the support guy. He sends a ‘CONFIRM’ notice to our church administrator to confirm the monthly and one-time bill.

Anyone ever successfully find a rep that knows anything about these programs in Texas? I’ve been trying for nearly 8 years without success.

I can put you in contact with my Verizon rep to see if Texas participates and if so to get you in touch with your rep. I do know that not all states participate but I don’t know which ones do and don’t. PM me your email.

We got Verizon to do this here in San Antonio.

Cart before the horse issue here… My church, and others we have talked to, aren’t on Verizon at the moment. If you call up random person or walk into a store they have no clue. I would like to talk to a rep that we can get a quote to move everyone onto it before doing it at all. So if you have a Texas rep that knows what they are doing I will gladly take that contact info. :slight_smile:

At least when I put Granger on WSCA back in the day Texas was excluded from the program…said so on their website. That was years ago though.

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Brad, I am finally trying to get this done for our church, can you contact your Verizon rep and see who I need to contact for help in the Nebraska area? Or, let me know who you rep is and I will contact them directly, I want to get this off my to do list and trouble finding the right people to talk too. Thank you

Mark - I got a small NASPO cell phone pilot started here at GCC recently. We were already doing mifi devices, but decided to see how a staff cell plan might work. Give me a call/text and I can give ya some deets.

Jason, thanks, I will contact with you next week.