Moving out of Google Docs for Configuration and Changelog

Right now, all of our church’s IT information, configurations, and changelog is in Google Drive as a conglomerate of docks and sheets. I use ConnectWise for work, and really like the configurations component of the software, as well as the ticketing.

Is there something available to NPOs for free or cheaply that can do this more professionally than Google Docs? I don’t even know what this specifically is called. ConnectWise is full on CRM designed for MSPs, which we obviously don’t need, but we could use parts like configuration management and ticketing.

If ticketing needs to be broken out into another application, what would the separate recommendation be for that? We’d like to make it easier for volunteers to help while tracking the time demand on them more closely. The eventual idea is to distribute work better or hire/contract out work that has a very high demand on our volunteer network.

Finally, a super benefit would be something that could be stored in an Azure Storage Space or something, as I’d really like to not have to worry about backups and local information. At my price point, I realise this is a pipe dream.

I’ve had Snipe-IT(@codatory) recommended to me in the past, does this cover the assett mgmt piece alone, or does it also include ticketing, and does it sound like a good option based on these requirements? EDIT: I don’t think it stores custom configuration information either, from the videos I’ve watched. So storing, say, and administrator password for a program, or a SQL Database configuration, or a backup schedule, etc, as items in the program, seems impossible, and that’s most of what we need to store.

Back to Original Post: We have Office 365 and Azure Sponsorships, so if there’s anything in either of those services that ties in neatly, that would be part of our consideration. Thanks in advance!

We use spiceworks to track assets and to whom they have been assigned.
We also use Onenote in our Office365 to document our systems and infrastructure.

I am sure there are better ways, but this is how we do it.

Spicworks is pretty good, I’ve used it at various places for probably 10 years. I like Auvik ( as it will do automatic configuration backups for a lot of different equipment, and will retain various versions of the configuration if you need to roll back some changes. Pretty inexpensive, though not free.

I’m not 100% sure if they will sell directly to end users or not. If you look at it and are interested and they won’t deal directly, let me know.

I setup Atlassian jira service desk for ticketing with an add on named Insight for asset tracking. Then I installed confluence for documentation. Last I just use git to store configuration files.

Cost for self hosted is just $10 for each jira, insight and confluence per year. Or they can host for $30 per month.

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