Missions Donor Management

Blast from the past here. Former MacExperience guy here coming to the best with a request. I serve as treasurer/forwarding agent for a mission that needs a serious software update. Home made solution build in Access by former treasurers son is ready for pasture. Has anyone here vetted solutions specific to a missions scenario?

Steve Sweeney

What platform are you seeking to install the accounting stuff on?
How serious a piece of accounting software do you need?
Can you use cloud-based software? (e.g. do you have reliable internet where you need to access it?)
How do you propose to manage backups?

Thanks Russ for the reply. I’d prefer a Windows based solution over Mac, but a cloud solution would be best and what we’d hope for. Internet is good for those on the ground in Honduras. And for me in Indiana. :wink:

Current set up is essentially a large spreadsheet that allows reporting on donations by donor and category. It allows me to email individual donations and to send a year end tax receipt. A home-made deal, it’s ugly and limited. Would like a little more “CRM” type function. There is a clinic there, coffee farms and fruit farms that are accounted for separately. If they could be consolidated, great, but that is not a priority.

So the primary need is not complex in the grand scheme, but nothing is simple.

In terms of Cloud accounting packages, Xero (www.xero.com) comes well recommended. I would avoid sage in any form as it is far too complex and designed for accountants.

Here at my organisation we run on AppleMac with AccountEdge by Mamut software (https://www.visma.co.uk/accountedge/), which I believe is the same code platform as MYOB. This is the only decent accounting package for Mac (having wiped everything else of the Mac platform as it left everyone else in the dust!).

For the Windows platform, there is Mamut One or Visma, but I can’t really say much about these other than the come from the same stable as AccountEdge. Given you are in the US, not sure if any of the fixed platform I know of would be much use.

Given that, I would recommend you take a look at Xero as it supports multi-currency, is web-based, with phone app capability too. They offer a free trial and the basic package is not too expensive either.

BTW - as a Mac guy, have you much experience with managing Mac networks?

Jason Snyder with The MacExperience is your guy. TME used to sponsor CITRT national conference and he was the smart guy I brought with me.

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One of my local clients has a good example of a long-term missionary online fundraising page here: (https://eastcooperbaptist.com/details/?v2did=75201).

On the back-end, it allows for check scanning, payment processing, reporting, tax receipts and other donor management & communications functions you mentioned.

Go to www.vision2systems.com for more information or to schedule a demo.

We’ve been using blackbaud with raiser’s edge, but it’s a love hate relationship going on. We’re looking at https://process4change.com/ as a potential solution. They definitely have the use cases that fit any missions context I can think of.


Sorry to reply to an old thread, but if folks are interested, I have a client using Sumac donor management in the cloud, and they are quite pleased with it.