Missing Outlook search results

We’ve been having more instances of missing search results in Outlook on Mac lately. Anyone else? We’ve also had some issues with local search in some cases leading me to believe it’s a Spotlight issue. Erasing the DB and starting over seems to fix it but that’s a real pain. We also use Jamf Pro. Any thoughts or suggestions would be a big help.

What version of Outlook do you have deployed on your Macs? Also, keep in mind Spotlight indexes tend to get reset after OS upgrades so it’s always worth checking to see if Spotlight is re-indexing.

I ran in to this a couple times and think I used the OutlookSearchRepair tool found here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4483875/outlook-for-mac-support-utilities

I’ve had a few Mac users experience this and I used the Outlook Search Repair utility Joe mentioned and provided a link for.
It worked in all cases.

Thanks guys. Sorry for the late reply. After using that reset tool a few times and some other edits it seems to be stable for that user now. This problem seems to resurface every now and then for the same user (although I think I’ve experienced it too) but it comes and goes. Even after replacing the MacBook.