MinistryWorks Payroll

Looking in to out sourcing our payroll system, my finance director was wondering if anyone had any feedback or experience with MinistryWorks Payroll?

Or, what are you currently using?

Thank you,
Mark Rock
Lincoln Berean Church

Mark, I work for Brotherhood Mutual who is the parent company of MinistryWorks. I won’t plug my own company but I hope you get some positive comments on this thread.

I DID want to offer to directly answer any technical questions you may have about the platform or back end processes/technologies that MinistryWorks uses. Feel free to email me direct at with any questions.

Good Luck

Thank you, I figured a few of you Brotherhood Mutual staff members would be on here. We are using Shelby payroll right now and looking to switch over, just like to get some pros and cons when looking around. i will definitely get back to you with any questions we have.