Ministry Platform Check in Barcode Scanner

We went live on MP checkin 2 weeks ago. We primarily use Zebra DS457 2D scanners for scanning bar codes for our self-check in kiosks. They’ve worked well for us, scan fast and since they are 2D they can scan from a pic of the barcode from a smart phone.
We source these at about $300 a piece when we need to order new or replace existing ones.
I was curious what 2D scanners any other MP churches are using?

We are using Code Corp CR1000 on all our MP checkin stations. They were reused from our F1 stations and are still doing great! I think the prices were closer to $200 than $300 but don’t recall.

Hope this helps - welcome to the MP family!

Thanks for your response Justin. I’ll take a look at the CR1000’s.

We use Motorola DS9208 Omnidirectional Hands-Free Presentation Imager. Looks like the last time we got them with the usb cable they were about $220 a piece

Hello Brandon,
Thanks for your response. I’ll give those a look as well.