Mikroti AP did not have internet

I advised the church to subscribe to another ISP so we can have a better internet service majorly for streaming of service and I bought two AP to extend the internet from the router to the Rev’d office using an ethernet cable but the APs did not have internet

The router is a Mikrotik device so also the APs. I connected the cable to PoE-OUT port on the router and connected it to PoE-IN on the AP. I did the same on the other AP.

Please is there any other thing I need to do for the APs to get internet from the router.


Mikrotik stuff tends to be quite complex to configure. I haven’t used their WAPs before, but my understanding is they’re going to expect you to stand up and configure the CAPWAP server so that you can push configs down the the APs and make sure roaming, etc. all works properly.

Alex thank you for your response. I’ve heard of CAPsMAN, I’ve not heard of CAPWAP but I will lookout for out to get that done, hope it will help me resolve this.

Thank you once again.

Here would be my troubleshooting steps:

  1. Do a cable test ensuring the physical connection works
  2. Do a ping test from the Ethernet cable points at APs to the switch/router
  3. Do a ping test from the Ethernet cable points at APs to the internet (ping google.com)
  4. If all the above works then it is a configuration issue with the APs.

connect using Winbox, open a New terminal, and issue:
Code: Select all
Then copy & past the output here.

Unless you provide more details like that, and the netgear config details it will be impossible to help you.