Migrating email accounts to o365

I need to migrate 5 accounts which are currently hosted by the parish bulletin company. Is there a migration tool that will work in this scenario or should I just set up their current accounts in a local version of Microsoft Outlook and then drag and drop things once I move the domain?

Here are the specifics

  1. None of the email exists locally. Staff currently visit a website to read their email.
  2. The domain was registered by the bulletin company so I don’t have creds for the domain registrar. Tech support will have to add o365-specific dns settings for me. (They are very responsive so I’m not concerned about having problems on that score.)
  3. Only 2 of the 5 have Outlook installed locally.

If it’s only 5 POP/IMAP emails then using the office admin portal to cutover migrate is pretty straightforward: change all your users email passwords, create the users in O365, enter the current email and passwords as part of pulling the emails in, start the migration, flip the MX record. It should be quite fast to do, here are the detailed instructions:

Do take control over your domain name from the bulletin company.

You can ask them to transfer ownership to you.