Microsoft Teams

About to play a game with the family but I wanted to post this before we got started for some feedback…due to the lockdown we are waning to implement Teams. We have been playing with it for awhile and a couple of us have used it regularly. Is there any recommendations others have that use it that may help us in a full roll out to staff? We have just under 100 staff across 2 campuses and various ministry departments. What’s the best way churches have rolled out teams and setup the various team groups? We also want to have a general team group for all staff collaboration and also look at using Teams for staff meetings via video conference. We also have Zoom and are using Zoom for online groups.

Feel free to check out our best practices for churches on exactly this.

And the webinar where we show it and answered a ton of questions yesterday: Enable Webinar | Microsoft Teams Live Q&A

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Awesome Thx! I had originally planned to attend that webinar then our leadership called a meeting with key leaders so I couldn’t attend.

I’ve been wanting to switch from Gsuite to O365 but kept getting push back. Now, I’m wishing I had pushed harder because I keep hearing about how wonderful Teams is. Is it possible to implement Teams for collaborating and file sharing while still using Gsuite (for now) for emails and calendars? If so, how?

Yes, you could technically do that. You would certainly find some challenges due to some of the integration components (especially around calendars if scheduling meetings). But it would technically work.
Maybe now is a good time to test that with a few of your more technically savvy and adventurous users who can provide good feedback. I would not want to try making this kind of change globally at this point without really solid evidence and support of other users!

And FWIW, Google has some great solutions with Hangouts Meet, Hangouts chat, etc. But they definitely each have different approaches and strengths and weaknesses.