Microsoft Certification

I have been working with PCPC for 24 years and have never been certified. PCPC has asked me to become MCSA and MCSE certified. I have gotten bids from StormWind, New Horizon and Skillset. They seem to different promotions. I was wondering if you have any recommendations for training online?

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I think has training and the Windows Weekly has a promo for an account. I haven’t done this myself but have thought about trying it for Windows Certs as well: ITPro.TV/ww - use code: WW30. Like I said, I haven’t been doing this personally, but just thought I’d throw it out there. has a MCSA Windows Server 2016 learning path. That might be more appropriate for you since you already have 24 years of experience, so you can skip through stuff you already know. Check with your local public library, ours provides a full subscription for cardholders. I just go to a special URL and enter my library card number. The main downside with this is there are no labs included.

I have found that the “Online Live” classes are OK for cert prep if that’s what you are looking for. I haven’t done a Stormwind class yet, but I really like that they spread out the class over more than one week. The New Horizons classes are kind of exhausting.

I haven’t done the online training, but have went to Global Knowledge in Atlanta. They do a good job with training. However, it is very expensive.

When I sign up with them they normally have a promotion going on of some sort. Usually I request to give up the promotion & beg them to comp a hotel room in Atlanta.

By far the best deal I’ve come across is Udemy. Just do not pay full price. I purchased a deal on Groupon a couple years ago for $50 for a package deal including A+, Security+, Networking+, Cloud, and something else I cannot remember. I’m sure if you look you can find tons of coupons. I bought mine for 90% off retail. I see the same deal pop up on Groupon occasionally.

Pluralsight Business might be an option as well. I use a personal license now, but am considering upgrading to Business. I believe they just rolled out a certification option on the Business plan.