Microsoft BI Dashboards (or similar) from ACS Financial Data?

We currently use ACS Financials (OnDemand version) for our accounting/financial software. The reporting side of ACS isn’t the best so I am looking to build some very basic dashboards that would allow campus pastors and department heads to login and see the status of their annual budgets. The idea would be to update the budget numbers at least monthly. We are currently an Office 365 subscriber so the thought would be to utilize SharePoint and/or BI to do this.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Any pointers in the correct direction would be helpful! We plan to move to something more robust in 18-24 months, so this would just be a stop-gap solution.

Hi Timmy – We’d be happy to help you with that. Our Ministry Analytics and Decision Support Director wrote much of the dashboard content in ACS’ expanded dashboard and visualization tool, ACS Insights (based on Tableau). Message me via email ( if you’d be interested in a conversation.