Message Trace in Office 365

I have set up domain email accounts in office 365 for our Elders. ONe of the elders i set up auto-forward to his person email account but i didn’t enable the Keey a copy of forwarded email in this mailbox. For some reason he’s getting the emails forwarded but the content for some reason is messed up. I was wondering if there is a way of resending the email from Message trace or some email repository for O365 exchange.

There is not. The mail trace only shows you the log data (headers). If you want to have the body of mail messages saved for review you’d need to use a journaling system.

Is it poosible try forwarding the message back to his Church account and see if it displays correctly there? The try and forward manually. It’s probably a format thing like it wants HTML or something.
Good luck

okay, thank you. The senders will resend the emails.