Matrix to Champion church model

We are beginning the process of moving our multi-site church reporting model from a “Matrix” model to a “Champion” model. I sort of understand structurally how that will work but have no context of anyone using the model. As a central support role/team I’m told IT will mostly stay the same. I think in general fumction we will stay the same but the demands of our customers (the staff at the campuses) are going to change so I know that will change what we do. Is anyone functioning in a Champion model? As I understand it, certain people will take on the vision and management of the other similar roles. Like one worship leader will take on that for the other worship leaders. Like most in our church I’m a little sceptical of how this will work but I also want to do some research to make sure we are as successful as we can be.

I haven’t heard it in those terms, but it sounds like what we do. We have COPs- Communities of Practice. So each worship leader reports to one point leader for worship who is the authority for that area over all campuses.
I’m in Worship Technology, and this model basically means each worship area is not going to do their own model, but everyone will shift their model together. It helps streamline what we do - (we only have to support ProTools on Mac for tracks, not it plus ableton plus whatever campus Z decided to use)

Thanks Erik. In the past we had a central staff person over this but that person left and instead of replacing them they’re going to this model. It makes sense to me in some areas but in others it just seems like cutting cost and pushing the headaches of managing multiple campuses onto people who are not used to it or equipped to do so. Has that been your experience or has it worked out well? We have 8 campuses so this seems like a lot for one person take on as well as their full time job!

Jeremy - sorry for the delay… Hectic June!
It may seem like the headache is being passed off to others not used to it, and that was the case for us. However, over time our team shifted and adjusted, and now the people over each COP is very used to it. Some COP leaders were swapped in order to fill the spots better.
Yep, it’s a lot to take on. At some point, it will be beyond someones regular job. For me, that means I have to delegate much more and do less small tasks at my campus in order to help the others with vision.

Thanks Erik That helps. Are there any tools you guys are using for keeping everyone on the same page? We’re looking at using Office 365 Teams. I’ll let you know how that goes.

We use Planning center to keep worship plans similar, basecamp for project management, owncloud for sharing, and some Google docs/spreadsheets to keep things rolling.

We’re in process of moving to Rock RMS for our database.