ManageEngine OpManager

(billsheeler) #1

Anyone using this for network monitoring?


(Dave Mackey) #2

Its been ten years or so since I’ve used it seriously. I’ve tried it more recently but didn’t have the time to give it a thorough working through. Will be on my list of contenders when I do eventually get back to network monitoring options.

Ten years ago it worked pretty well - and it seemed to be comparable in the more recent iterations I’ve briefly tried.


(Russ Taylor) #3

We are using NTOP and OpenNMS to monitor our network. It is worth trying out a few different demos of the various management tools to see what suits your particular operation. Most tools have 30 day demo versions you can try.


(Norman Ho) #4

I use PTRG which is somewhat free. Just mirror one of your ports that you need monitoring and get PRTG to log the traffic.

I use it to show a realtime use of internet bandwidth.