Mac Permissions

Here is the environment:
Graphics Director - Mac Pro using Mojave
Graphics Assistant - Windows 10 PC
Network - Windows Server 2012 R2 (I thought it was newer than that but apparently I am crazy)
Printers: Various Ricoh printers, their primary use one is a c7200 connected to a Fiery Server

The issue: Our graphics department is having issues with losing permission to the shared network drive for their jobs. Graphics director will be working away on a file in photoshop/indesign and goes to save and has lost his network rights. Then, without changing anything, he suddenly gets them back. We just did a wipe and fresh install of Mojave yesterday and the problem still persists today. Aside from it being a mac in a Windows world… what am I missing? Any suggested fixes?

I believe we addressed this issue with nomad. @ryan.mccullough may be able to speak into it a bit more but I think it keeps the AD authentication live to be able to access windows file shares & printer shares.

How does the problem manifest? Are you saying your GD has an adobe file open from an SMB share and suddenly can not save? Is there an error? Does it ask him/her to authenticate again?

@ryan.mccullough Yes, he has an adobe file open and working on it and then cannot save his changes. The error message that comes up is “write access was not granted.”

FWIW we are testing NOMAD as suggested and his first attempt at saving was flawless.

We don’t see this issue, but we don’t join Macs to AD either. We simply mount the shared server volumes with the user’s AD credentials (saved in Keychain) at startup. If you’d like to see the script file we use, go to and download the file, expand it, and adjust the Apple Script details for your network.

I hope that helps!