Mac Mail automatically put in trash for specific domain

One of our staff is using Mac Mail and has all of the email sent to her from anyone in our organization to straight to her trash. I checked for any rules and didn’t see any. I whitelisted our domain in her Mac Mail rules, but that didn’t work either.

Has anyone run into this problem before?

Do they have any rules set in iCloud, perhaps? Don’t think I’ve seen this one specifically, but have seen lots of issues with Mac Mail over the years, we officially only support Outlook or webmail for that reason.

Also would try clearing the local app cache if there aren’t any rules in iCloud or on the machine.

Did you end up getting this resolved? To expand a little on what Jared said, there are server-side rules in iCloud that don’t necessarily show up in the Mail client:

This is how you access:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the little gear in the bottom left.
  3. Click on “Settings”.
  4. Click on “Rules” tab.
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