Mac Login Mystery

I have an issue that has had us scratching our heads. We have our macs joined to AD and managed by local Jamf Pro server. We have a user that has a MacBook Air and one day couldn’t log in. We tried logging in with another network accounts, made sure she wasn’t on the guest network, tried a wired connection, unjoined and rejoined the computer and it still wouldn’t work with network accounts. We wiped and reinstalled everything and she was fine for a few weeks. Then it happened again. So we put her on a new MacBook Air and it was good for about 2 months. Now it’s happened again. This time we just made her account local in hopes that we can stop this cycle. We have never had this issue with any other user. Is it possible something in her AD account is causing this issue? We’re out of ideas.

Is the computer time accurate? I went through something similar a while back and it wound up being their system time was off by 8 or 10 minutes.

Good Call Joe. We checked that and it was correct. The weirdest thing is it keeps happening to this user and no one else.