Lots of white noise in a Skype for Business Call

Hey y’all!

Anyone have an idea of why there would be a ton of white noise on a Skype for Business call? The white noise is present even if both sides have muted their microphone. The noise is a lot louder on one side.

The setup on the side with a lot of white noise is a TV cart with a Windows PC. The PC is connected and plays back audio via HDMI. There is a web cam on top of the TV. We use a Sennheiser wireless microphone - EW300 G2 - for input. I’ve tried playing videos with periods of silence, and I’ve also tried a Google Hangout with both sides muted - the white noise is only there in the Skype call. It mostly goes away if someone is talking, so I suspect it’s some sort of auto-volume thing.

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