Looking for open source child sponsorship software

(Judy Reed) #1

Our church in California built and supports an orphanage in Mexico with about 150 kids with 500 sponsors. There are also sponsors from other churches across the US.

We have completely outgrown google docs and sheets which is updated by people in Mexico and the US.

Does anyone have any suggestions for an Open Source solution? I know we need a database but Access hasn’t been friendly with multiple locations and their online help assumes you are a database programmer.

I need something with lots of online assistance to get up and running.

(Adam Scheuermann) #2

Hi Judy, I’d consider some sort of CRM rather than build something from scratch. A quick search led me to SalsaCRM, and it looks like there are several others geared towards donors/sponsors.

(Robert Bilderbach) #3

give a look here and see if you find anything helpful, ProcessDonation looked like a possible fit…


(Isaac Johnson) #4

He asked specifically for OSS guys. :wink:

Anyhow, github has these two:

https://github.com/joshuarichard/amgg (looks like it runs on NodeJS)
https://github.com/buhayiseeyah/Barner.github.io (looks like it runs on LAMP)

Documentation is practically nonexistent for those projects and they aren’t terribly active.

(Jesse McColm) #5

I am not sure it would meet all of your needs but Rock RMS released Fundraising Groups awhile back. We just started using it for our short term mission trips and it seems to work well.