Looking for consultant recommendation for Email migration

Many years ago, our organization transition from on-prem Exchange to a Hybrid environment of on-prem and O365. We believe moving to full cloud solution is the correct direction but I need to understand the pros/cons and I need someone with the expertise to perform the migration. Any strong recommendations for a consultant with these skills? Much appreciated. Stay healthy! -Marcus

Honestly, most service providers that are a CSP are doing mail migration pretty regularly. I do them (but mostly in Asia), @CGreenTX I’m sure does them, pretty sure @dszp does them as well, both of whom I’d trust for that without any reservation. I’m certainly missing a few more names, but I haven’t bumped into any service providers that hang out here that wouldn’t be reliable on an exchange to O365 migration so you may want to pick one based on how you click, whether you’d want to do more work with them in the future, and distance may factor in.

We use Networking Technologies from Erie Pennsylvania. Been working with them for over 20 years

Hey Marcus, I’ve done dozens of Office 365 migrations, including a couple hybrid ones and would love to chat about this. I’d be happy to help with this!

Enable Ministry Partners has helped us with our technology needs for many years. They are primarily oriented to support churches and I find their advice valuable every time we meet with them. I’d suggest giving them a call to talk.

My contact is Melody Parlett, but you can call them directly as well. melody.parlett@enable.email and (469) 645-1158.

I know you’ve seen a lot of responses, but I wanted to emphasize I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Bema (@CGreenTX) and @ebuford with Method Computing. They’ve both been a critical part of our Hybrid setup, and I imagine I’ll wind up using one or both of them when we decide to go full cloud.

Enable Ministry has come highly recommended before, and I also strongly trust @dszp with Servant 42.

You really can’t go wrong with any of those guys, and since they’re always at the Church IT Network national events, you can corner them if you have any issues or questions. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only sticky part that I am aware of is that if you have any local resources that exchange uses like fax servers or messaging that are run on servers in your house that’s where the problem comes today I did a migration years ago from Lotus Notes to exchange it was a hybrid solution and these resolve our challenges servers that were in house making contact with the office 365 cloud.