Looking for a SMS short code provider

Where is a good, affordable place to get SMS short codes? Thanks!

The only place I know is Twilio. However it is like $9000 a year for a non-profit.

SMS Short Codes typically come with a service behind them. They are expensive, because they’re special. There’s also a difference between buying a whole shortcode for yourself and buying keywords on a shared shortcode.

SlickText actually has a nice summary on the costs and complexities involved generally with SMS Short Codes. Generally speaking, you only need a short code if you need to send or receive at a moderate to high volume and at that point I’d start to wonder if SMS was really the best medium for that type of messaging in this day in age. With RCS and Apple Business Messenger starting to gain traction, it’s worth thinking about your end-to-end messaging and communication strategy before dumping a ton of money into an SMS Short Code only to discover it doesn’t meet your needs - but you’re stuck with it long-term because it’s been published and/or you’ve signed a commitment on it. Even worse if you end up with a short code that doesn’t integrate with your long-term messaging strategy (in-app messaging, social media, website, etc.)