Looking for a platform for onboarding/training

We’re evaluating Knowbe4 for Cybersecurity, HR & Compliance training. They have the added bonus of being able to present documents (.pdf’s) and e-signature acknowledgements of materials. My staff development coordinator who is in charge of onboarding and training has very specific requirements around this workflow.

  • Ability to schedule recurring classes at specific times of the year for annual training
  • Ability to test and measure how well a person retained the information presented
  • Ability to set deadlines on reviewing materials, acknowledging receipt, or passing a test(s)
  • If a person fails <70 percent, use a different question until the person passes
  • Customize the sequence of materials and report on completion
  • Generate out of compliance reports on individuals who fail or do not complete training or sign documents
  • Added bonus: API or direct integration with ADP Workforce Payroll

Looking for a SaaS solution as we do not have any programmers on staff. Thanks in advance!

I am also looking at KnowBe4 for similar reasons. I ran there text phishing and was pleased that only one person clicked on the link. She was new also. Any opinion on how the company is working for you would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Bill! We just signed our contract but I’ll provide feedback later. I was able to get some very deep discounts for multi-year, non-profit and they even extended an additional discount for ChurchIT affiliation.

Thanks I will appreciate it.

May the Lord Bless you and keep you,

Bill Bennett

We were not impressed with KB4’s offering, granted we only used the phishing/retraining parts of it. PhishMe (now Cofense) provided plenty of what we were looking for, for free, the KB4 stuff were basically outdated Flash videos (not 16:9 or HD), and then relentless phone calls for months when we told them we didn’t want to renew. Just something to be aware of if nothing else.

We negotiated a very steep discount for churches; this link shows you how to get it-- up to 55% off! Solutions and Apps - Ministry Business Services


Yes, my rep mentioned MBS and that’s the discount she offered us!

We use KnowBe4. I highly recommend it. With recent upgrades you can add your own courses into it as well. We are just looking into this new feature and hope to take advantage of it in the coming months.


@rhonma and Steve,

How are you liking KB4? We are looking into it as well. One thing I am curious about is the amount of time required from you or someone on the IT team each month?

Any gotcha’s that came up in your implementation? Has it been helpful for the staff?



Implementation has been pretty simple to setup. KB4 gives a solid roadmap of how to deploy it within the organization. Post-sales support has been great and very responsive. They have a good variety of templates, even customizable with html. Time required to manage varies by the number of campaigns but is manageable. Active Directory integration is a scheduled scrape/import and was confusing but once we got support online, it’s been running great. Be sure to test your phishing campaign and training and obtain feedback with an internal group first.

Don’t forget to mention ChurchIT for the deepest discount. Hope that helps!


In the end, my leadership decided not to go with KnowBe4