Looking for 2018 Regional Roundtable Host Sites

Are you interested in hosting a 2018 regional roundtable?

Each year CITN Host regional events in the Early Spring which are like an abbreviated National Conference gathering close to your home.

We will start selecting sites and getting things rolling quickly after the start of the new year.

Are you interested in hosting a Spring Regional Roundtable in 2018?

The spring regionals will be the week of March 5th with a preferred date of Tuesday March 6th.

Who can host a regional roundtable?

We try to have enough sites across the country that attendees don’t have to drive more than 3-4 hrs to attend a regional event.

What does it take?

1.) A Willing Heart :slight_smile:

2.) Host has previously attended a Church IT Network National event and hopefully a regional roundtable

3.) Facilities to host 20-30 people (and permission support from your church / organization)

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, let us know you are interested.
If you are interested, please leave a comment here in this thread.

San Antonio is willing to host Texas

I’m seriously considering College Church in Wheaton as a Chicagoland / Illinois site.

Here’s an older FAQ on hosting a regional event. Church IT RoundTable - CITRT / hosting a regional event FAQ
Note to self: update this FAQ :slight_smile:

I can check with the powers that be in our church - Pleasant Grove Community Church, Roseville, CA.

If you have no other church volunteer in the Sacramento/No. CA area, I would be glad to drive the regional conference at my church. We have an ideal worship center with the ability to partition into separate meeting rooms if needed. Plus we have 2 conference rooms, a library and a prayer room for smaller groups. Also have large spacious hallways where tables could be set up for a luncheon.

We are located about 20 miles from Downtown Sacramento and the Airport.

I do not meet the criteria for item 2. But I have participated in Slack as well as this site for over a year. It was through Slack and another Slack-er that I found out about TechSoup and got our church signed for it.

We used it to procure several items that saved us significant $$ on those items.

I hope you will consider using our facility.

Rich Bergstedt
Bergstedt and Associates

God Bless as you follow - In His Steps!!!

If anyone wants to come to West Des Moines, Iowa, I’m sure the powers that be would be happy to have it. We hosted a regional CITRT a few years ago.

@smithje3 (Faith Ministries in Lafayette, IN) and I are looking forward to hosting a Spring Regional Roundtable together at MBS’ datacenter! We have facilities reserved for March 6th (our datacenter, The Switch SuperNAP, is about 12 miles south of Las Vegas), and are working on lodging and special event details!

The Church Network Metro Church Business Administrator Regional will be in our datacenter Thursday and Friday that week-- a number if IT folks are planning on inviting their business administrator or executive pastor to attend both! Email @glwood for details on that event.

West Ridge Church northwest of Atlanta (Dallas, GA) is a potential site.

Hi Everyone thanks for your interest in hosting a regional event!

@tedbass , @TimHollinger , @MBSnick and @bradoby we would love to connect with you and talk about you hosting a regional site in 2018. please email me at JLee (at) ChurchITNetwork.com so we can connect.

@splithare19500908 (Richard) we have found that Criteria #2 is very important for the regional event to go well so we’d encourage you to attend the event in Las Vegas that Nick’s team will host. Then in the future we might be able to have you host.

@computer_freak_8 (Jared), since we are having a location in Chicago and will be the first opportunity for Tim’s team to host we will pass on having a location in Des Moines this year.

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Atlanta, GA will definitely host a regional. We have 3 potential sites. Now that we know the date we will narrow it down and get back to you.


Thank you for your reply. When is the yearly conference and where?

Hi @splithare19500908 the national event details can be found here: http://churchitnetwork.com/

the National event details are
McLean Bible Church - VA
October 2 - 4, 2018

Kensington Church in SouthEast Michigan is willing to host

I’m checking to see if we can host in Indianapolis

College Park Church will be able to host a regional at our Castleton Campus on the Northeast side of Indianapolis. Any Indy area folks want to help?