Looking for 2017 Regional Host Sites

@jasontucker - under construction. :wink: Are you hosting? We’ll head your way!

I wish I could and and some point I will! I just started working at this church 2 weeks ago, I don’t even know where the light switches are yet!

Jason Tucker
IT Director
www.wacc.nethttp://www.wacc.net | 562.945.4500 x182
8100 Colima Road, Whittier, CA 90605

Put us down for the 7th as well. And, @nangra said she’d be helping me, so I’m calling her out. :wink:

I’m in! Will do whatever I can to help. Thank you for hosting :slight_smile:

Come on Jeremy, I hear you open in two weeks. That’s totally doable!

I can volunteer ROCKHARBOR Church in Costa Mesa, CA as a host for the southern California area. The 7th works for us, although the 6th would also work if that’s better for attendees.

Atlanta info looks good!

We’re planning to drive down from Columbia to attend NoVA regional,
@MattPugh80. Holla at a brutha, if you need more help!

Northview should be good to host. I will like to know what is expected of the host. I imagine we would need to organize the speakers and agenda?

Jason Shaw

IT Director

Northview Church | Central Staff

317.846.2884tel:317.846.2884 | northviewchurch.ushttp://northviewchurch.us

I can help you.

I’m in the same boat as @jason.shaw. Wouldn’t mind hosting, but I’d like to know the requirements.

If you’ve not been to a regional, then you really need to buddy up with someone who has.
It’s old and needs updating, but here’s the FAQ I used to point people to… Church IT RoundTable - CITRT / hosting a regional event FAQ

TechOps and DataOps Director
Granger Community Church

You really just need a room with tables big enough to handle the crowd, and wi-fi. We hosted several years ago and had an optional meet and greet the night before for those that came in the night before, we provided breakfast, lunch and location for optional dinner for those spending the night again, quests paid for dinner.
Attendees make up the agenda and discussion subjects. If you decide to host, let me know and will be happy to help you if needed. Mark

I’m good to host on March 7 at Shades Mountain Baptist in Birmingham. And Skip and Todd, I’ll gladly accept help from you.

Pam Matthews| pmatthews@shades.org

@Jason.Lee , This thread is getting a little busy so I thought I’d check to see if you did get that Clear Creek Community Church will host in Houston on March 7. Also, when will you post registration and who needs our information, etc.?

FWIW - I’d vote for Willow too (selfishly because it’s closer) but also for the variety of church exposure. I enjoyed my time at Northwoods for the national and won’t mind going back there if that’s where the Illinois event ends up. Plus I don’t want to offend Jason Lee. :wink:

Yes got Houston.

Registration will be live as soon as we have it setup (today or tomorrow) and then we’ll post that and start a thread/group for hosts.

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Registration is now live here.

If your site isn’t listed please contact the leadership team ASAP info@citrt.org


Please private message me your email address so i can invite you into the Slack planning channel for the 2017 regionals for Host Q&A.

Joe, didn’t see you on the Registration group. Are you still up for hosting SoCal area? If it fell through we’d be happy to host again this year up in Westlake Village, CA.

Be glad to. Just let me know what you need!