Locking Policy 14 Days?

(Craig Mashburn) #23

That makes sense for how to use it, but not for requiring it to be a trusted user.

(Craig Mashburn) #24

I have over 90 posts, you would think that would be enough! :slight_smile:

(Craig Mashburn) #25

I just noticed another thread that still said it would lock after 14 days. Some lock some don’t?

(Alex Conner) #26

I didn’t go through and change them all back. If everyone is OK with it I’ll gladly bump you to a moderator so you can re-open threads, etc.

(Craig Mashburn) #27

That is okay with me. Will you need me to do anything else as a mod? Be glad to help!

(Jason Powell) #28

Be sure to vet new posts by looking at the post content AND who’s posting it. This one was clearly spam if you looked at the account posting it. This was this person’s 1st post and they put down they worked for adhock company.

(Craig Mashburn) #29

Was that just an example? Or was it approved?