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We’ve been livestreaming services through YouTube for a few months now with mixed results. We’re looking towards multi-site and wondering what an ideal setup would include. I’m looking for suggestions on network config and transmission between sites. What have you found that works?

You will find several happy customers of Living as One (me included) on here. It doesn’t require hardly any special network configuration assuming you are OK with 5ish minutes of delay. We have one multisite running it on Comcast, and 2 on the house internet at the high school where they meet. Our largest multisite runs about a 2-3 minute delay across a VPLS link that we already had, since that is our DR site. @paulmartel on the CITN Slack is the CEO of Living as One, I’m sure he would be happy to answer any questions. He’ll be at the national event too.

Multisite streaming has different end-product requirements from general internet live streaming. With live streaming, you can get away with a lower quality stream that may have an interruption now and then. When you start talking about delivery to another venue, you have to start talking about a much higher quality video (more bandwidth), since you are putting it up on a bigger screen than most people have at home. A video without any interruptions is also a must; interruptions hurt engagement.


+1 for living as one.

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Echo Living as One recommendation. We stream our message only and run our services at multi-site campuses 15 minutes later than campus we are streaming the message from as that allows us for timing differences that may occur with worship or announcements or communion or baptisms, etc., that are site specific events.

Living as One has dual streaming capabilities via LAN or Cloud, which we did not find with other vendors we looked at. So we have a Ethernet direct connection between sites that we use to transmit and also have the Cloud option to fall back on if ever needed.


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